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Introducing: Plant Based Chef & Culinary expert Sofia Sagripanti.

"Food is nothing but everything; fuel, culture, religion, economy, society, electromagnetism, emotions, habits, love..."

–– Sofia Sagripanti

Sofia's work and food ethos centre around high-vibe, beautifully crafted raw & vegan food.

All produce she works with is 100% vegan and gluten free.

She is a plant-based private chef and culinary consultant and the last three years she has been traveling and cooking up a storm in wellness retreats across Europe, Costa Rica, Los Angeles and Mexico.Her most recent highlight was to be part of the catering team for the Billie Eilish US Tour in early 2020.

She can travel for creative opportunities to share food as a private chef through catering, teaching, consulting/ recipe development with an offering based on high-vibe, seasonal raw & plant-based cuisine for private clients/ productions & wellness gatherings.

In addition Sofia is also producer of intimate highly curated pop-up dinners inspiring people by creating nourishing plant food with love, knowledge and great passion.

She is now based in Mallorca, where she is available for dinner parties, meal prep, specialising in raw cakes and desserts, raw cheeses and ferments.

Furthermore she hosting 1:1 cooking classes in your private kitchen teaching you how to cook without recipes, understanding flavour combinations and the architecture behind a dish.

Bringing creativity to life through food and sharing it with others is what nourishes me, says Sofia.

If you want to book culinary expert Sofia as a private chef, for a plant based guided detox, cooking classes, meal preparations for you and your family or if you simply want to order one of her beautiful cake creations and vegan cheese plates, please have a look at "our packages & experiences" or contact us directly.

We are excited to collaborate with talented Sofia and to welcome her to our MILAGRO team.

All images belong to Sofia Sagripanti.


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