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Mallorca Flowers

Who we are

MILAGRO is a Boutique Home & Lifestyle Service Agency based in Mallorca. Our essence is to provide high-quality assistance in fields such as; childcare, house maintenance and gardening, house cleaning, 
deep-clean, private transportation, private chef, personal training, among other services in order to improve the experiences that both holiday-makers and residents alike have in the Balearics.


In addition, we provide permanent home staffing solutions for those looking for contracted part or full-time staff. Our refined process, matched with our vast network of experienced and highly qualified candidates makes your go-to partner.


MILAGRO works and promotes local businesses, boutique hotels, up-coming culinary and lifestyle concepts that represent the uniqueness and soul of the island. MILAGRO offers exclusive packages including gourmet tours for wine and foodies, wellness & SPA packages to unwind, exploration experience for the adventurous. We improve your quality of life! 



Best of the Best!

Individual concept tailored to your needs.


Operating Island-Wide

With teams allocated to specific regions. No matter where on the island, we can accommodate.

MILAGRO Language Icon

Multilingual Team

Team speak collectively over 8 languages. We can communicate in the language of preference.

MILAGRO Contract Icon

Highly Qualified Staff

Providing regular training to ensure only the highest standards are maintained.



We are available to communicate over multiple platforms whenever required.

MILAGRO Sustainability Icon


Environmental awareness is at our core. Eco-friendly cleaning products used for Housekeeping.

MILAGRO Unique Icon

Every Client is Unique

We understand that every client's requirements are different, we are here to fulfil them.

MILAGRO Partner Journey

Partner for the Journey

We look at the long-term, how can we add value now and in the future? Adapting to whatever it may present.

Meet the Founders

Stella Lavinia

Stella’s passion for Mallorca - the island she grew up in, paired with love for culture, people, art & design sparked the concept for MILAGRO.

Graduating from paramedic school and studying design in Berlin, the desire to care for others and the idea of “Creating a Harmonic Home”, have been incorporated into the ethos and values of MILAGRO, combining the best of both worlds.

Years of experience in the luxury industry allow her today to know what exclusive clients are looking for.

Our mission is being committed to the happiness, well being, and satisfaction of our clients.

Stella Lavinia Photograph

Elliot Krauze

Having started a career in a traditionally more corporate environment, Elliot quickly knew he wanted to follow his passions in a more creative and 'hands-on' industry. Combining a love of creating and maintaining aesthetically beautiful properties with uncompromising service has been a combination that ensures MILAGRO maintains its 5* reputation.

Originally from the UK, taking the same standards one would expect in London and bringing them to Mallorca is what sets MILAGRO's standards apart from the competition. Property Management and Concierge services require great client communication and discipline to ensure everything is done to the highest of standards. This is what Elliot brings with every client.

Join our Team

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MILAGRO Team Photo
MILAGRO Nanny Photo
MILAGRO Personal Trainer Photo

Do you want to become a member of the MILAGRO team?

We are always looking for highly experienced people who want to join the team.

Please send your application and CV to 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Elliot Krauze Photograph
  • Where is your service area?
    Our head office is located in Mallorca but we provide services in the entire Balearics (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza).
  • How can Milagro enhance my life?
    Our goal is to provide you with freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life and spend time on what matters the most which includes, family, friends, your business, traveling, social events and anything that you want to accomplish. As long as the service or task is legal, moral and ethical contact us. MILAGRO gives you personalised service and the luxury of time.
  • Which form of payment is accepted?
    We accept credit cards, bank transfers and cash.
  • Can I request a service that isn't listed?
    Yes, please feel free to contact us regarding any service that you may need. While we may not be able to provide the service, we might be able to point you toward someone that can.
  • Under what terms do you refuse a service?
    MILAGRO reserves the right to refuse service if we are requested to do anything that creates, promotes, or endorses anything that encourages hate, abuse or belittlement, of anyone based on race, religious belief, nationality, social class, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, creed, ethnic background, marital status, mental or physical condition/disability. We also reserve the right to refuse service for anything we feel is illegal or dangerous.
  • Can I hire your service with one-day notice?
    We do our best to accommodate last minute requests. However we encourage our clients to book our services at least 3 days in advance so we can reserve the exact day they desire. Same day requests will be charged with an extra 20% fee.
  • Do I need to worry about my personal infomation becoming public?
    No, we are responsible professionals and all dealings will be kept confidential.
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