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Why should I hire a Long-Term Nanny through MILAGRO?

A question perhaps many mothers and fathers are thinking, whether you are new to be a parent or a seasoned expert, trusting someone else to look after you little one is a big decision!

Whether you have the time or not, having someone else to take the pressure off and to have a 2nd pair of eyes is never a bad long as it is with the right person. So how do you find the right person? What are the right questions to ask? What are the essential credentials? How much experience is sufficient? Should they have been a parent too? How many hours / days do I require? How much should we be paying them? What age should they be? Personality type? etc. Ultimately the decision isn't an easy one, having an experienced agent to hold your hand through the process and to have already asked the important questions takes much of the stress out of the selection process.

MILAGRO has a 6 step process to make sure we provide consistently top quality candidates that meet your brief:

1. How we find our candidates

  1. Sourcing of potentially suitable candidates through our networks, MILAGRO is constantly looking for the best people in their respective field.

  2. Screening of the applicants remotely.

  3. Face-to-face interview (where possible).

  4. Reference check.

  5. Deep-dive / fact check on background.

2. Understanding the client

  1. Face-to-face meeting with the client (again where possible) / Video Call / Telephone call - to the client's preference.

  2. Fact Finding process to ensure that we have understood what kind of individual you are looking for.

  3. Client sign off to conduct search.

3. Match-making process

  1. We scour our candidates to find the most appropriate that we currently have on our books. If there isn't someone that we believe will be a suitable fit then we will go back to the networks to source candidates that are more suitable.

  2. We present them with the brief and opportunity, if they are interested and believe it would be a good fit then we will look to short-list them.

  3. Once we have a selection of what we believe to be suitable candidates, we will present them to the client with a grading of whom we believe to fit the brief best. We will also always present the information in an easy to digest fashion showing all of the important information.

4. Interview Process

  1. Once the client has had sufficient time to decide which candidates they would like to interview then the arrangements are made.

  2. MILAGRO will arrange the 1st interview with the parents where we will provide a pack including the candidates CV and some helpful questions to ask with a general structure (which is sometimes useful for clients that aren't used to interviewing people for their home).

  3. A 2nd interview will be arranged where we would recommend that the nanny meets the child / children and spends half a day with them to see them in action and how they interact.

  4. MiILAGRO will have a de-brief with the client and Nanny to understand the feedback.

5. Formalising the relationship

  1. Once the client has made their decision on the nanny that they would like to progress with and the hours and length of time that is required. MILAGRO will inform the nanny and let them know the start date.

  2. MILAGRO will ask the client for sign off to ensure that both parties are aware of what is expected.

  3. The nanny will then start.

6. Follow-up

  1. 2 weeks after commencement, MILAGRO will have a catch-up with the client and the Nanny separately to ensure all is going as planned. If the Client or Nanny are not happy in any way, to ensure that neither party is put in an awkward position MILAGRO can take the responsibility to suggest changes are made to improve the dynamics of the relationship. It can be a stressful process having someone new in the house.

  2. Assuming is all as it should be MILAGRO will be asking for referrals to friends and acquaintances who may also benefit from the services we provide.

  3. Testimonials and feedback are always appreciated 🙂

As you can see, it is a process that we take very seriously at MILAGRO. We hope to speak with you soon and show you first hand!

Stella x


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