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Why hiring a House Cleaner makes you Happier, Healthier and more Productive.

Everyone is different in terms of their personal attitude towards a clean home and what constitutes as clean, but I think we can all agree on the idea that it is nice to live in a home where everything has it's place which is clutter-free and well maintained.

Who has the time (or energy) to keep on top of it all though? When it comes to having and keeping a clean home, consistency is key! We see homes that have deep cleans then within the space of a month it's back to where it was before - if not worse. The owners mood level is decreased and stress levels have increased... both of which from a health perspective are scientifically proven as a result of an untidy, dirty home.

Having a professional once or twice weekly clean will have the following benefits (some of which are obvious but worth mentioning):

  1. Lower levels of germs, bacteria and grime leading to a healthier family all-round, lower levels of illness and if your family are prone to allergies from pet hair, etc. then a reduction in flair ups.

  2. Lower levels of stress. We have all been there, pillows and blankets sprawled across the sofa and half on the ground, TV remotes somewhere in the depths of the sofa never to be found again. Kitchen such a mess that you feel it's not worth starting to clean until you have summoned the energy from some mythical place which never seems to arrive. Inevitably, stress levels go through the roof. Maintaining a clean and tidy home will allow you to enjoy the space and feel at ease in and around it.

  3. Improved relationships with your loved ones. This may seem like an odd one but when you think about it it's actually quite an obvious. When you come home to a clean space where everything is where it is supposed to be, there isn't work to do and you can instead look to cook your evening meal together, open a bottle of wine and connect, instead of arguing about who didn't do the chores they were supposed to do.

  4. Be social. That spontaneous 'let's go back to mine' or 'we'll host dinner on Friday night' can often be scuppered by the thought of the horrors that lay behind those doors and the effort required to get it to where you would like it to be to feel confident to host.

  5. Increased productivity. With that clear physical space, your head space is now just as clear and ready to tackle other problems in your life and get that life admin done and out of the way. You will find yourself smashing through the to-do list and ready to enjoy that downtime you deserve.

  6. More "Me-time"! On the subject of downtime, who doesn't want more of that? It's of course essential to get that rest & relax time in order to recharge the batteries. When you live in a clean house, there is no guilt to fully embrace that time without the guilt of looking around to see all of the chores that need doing. Use your free time wisely and taking care of yourself. When was the last time you had a face-mask or back massage?

  7. Less chance of injury. It only takes a rouge piece of lego or an upturned plug lying where it isn't supposed to be to completely ruin your day....maybe even week! Times that be 10 when you have decided to be lazy for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden you are in Tekeshi's Castle trying to get through the kitchen to the front door to leave the house with an accident just waiting to happen.

  8. You can actually find stuff! I'm not talking about your misplaced car keys or sunglasses, if someone asks to borrow your old iPhone because they have dropped theirs in the sea or Christmas is coming around and all of those decorations you invested in last year need to venture out. You can confidently know where everything is. Isn't that just better?

  9. Stuff lasts longer. If things are kept clean and well maintained then you won't have to replace them so often meaning more cash kept in your back-pocket. All that calc that has built up in the kettle doesn't make it into your morning coffee, the grime from the bottom of the dish washer isn't welded onto all of your glassware and the dryer is actually doing it's job of drying the clothes. What a wonderful world we live in and order is restored!

  10. Smaller waistline! We will leave it at this point as it is arguably one of the best benefits of living in a clean home. It is scientifically proven that both men and women eat higher fat content foods when stressed out and in a messy home environment. People eat healthier, more natural foods when in a clean place. Think about the last health spa you went to full of clutter and mess....hmm... i'll wait. I don't think you would be going back.

MILAGRO provides professional 5* deep cleaning services here in Mallorca, so you can take advantage of all these benefits. Simply contact us and we will send you an individual quote for your property cleaning.

This could be you, spending your time on more important things or doing what you love!


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