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MILAGRO Christmas Gift Guide.

Are you at a loss of what to buy your loved one this year? Perhaps you would like to step outside the box and be a bit more creative. We have put together a handpicked selection of ideas to inspire you!

For Her

Ibiza Bohemia coffee table book by ASSOULINE. An elegant and creative addition to any home, celebrating the wonderful Balearic island we all enjoy. This gift will catch her attention and serve as an inspiration for the next trip. It won't break the bank either at €90 from Rialto Living.

Tidy Home – Tidy Mind! Getting your loved one a MILAGRO gift card is a great stocking filler this year to take the stress away from cleaning the house after the festivities and to have a fresh start into 2022. Deep Cleanings start from €100, get in touch with us directly to make her smile.

Also, one of our MILAGRO hampers is PERFECT for under the tree! Treat the whole family with products and items that are carefully sourced from the Balearics and customised to your wishes and price range. Starting from €150 for the Christmas edition.


The renown Mallorcan jewellery designer Isabel Guarch has a range of beautiful pieces inspired by the islands. You won't go wrong finding a set of earrings, necklace or ring that is both timeless and elegant, with a creative Balearic twist to set it apart from the rest of the jewellery box! Pieces mostly range from €500 --> €2,500+

Glittering gold and diamonds always go down well, but an 'experience' may be the way to go to set this Christmas apart from all the others. A way to show how thoughtful you are, wanting to spend quality time with your partner and make unforgettable memories.

Here are two options:

Option 1

Plan to send you both into the New Year in style and start 2022 off on the right foot! We recommend 2 nights at Can Bordoy Hotel & Spa to glam up before you eat and dance the night away at The Merchants restaurant (just around the corner and close enough for you to stumble home), followed by a luxurious day of spa treatments.

Option 2

How does a short trip (we recommend minimum of 3 nights) to the newly opened Six Senses Spa and Hotel in Ibiza sound to you? Escape the ordinary in a meaningful setting for deep spiritual experiences reconnecting to yourself. Even in winter the island is magical and has so much to offer. Worth every penny if you ask us!


It only takes a wonder down some of the exclusive streets in Palma to be inspired to and treat your better half with an unique limited edition Patek Philipe from Relojeria Alemana. Alternative pop into Bvlgari or the new Cartier Boutique in the centre of Palma. In these cases, no one knows your partner like you do - do some digging into her jewellery box to see what things she enjoys. If it is a ring you are looking to buy for her, be sure to take one with you to get the size right! Be classic and elegant whilst also being brave enough to show your personality and what you would think would look great on her! €10,000+

For Him

Is he spending hours in the garden, keeping things tidy, cleaning the pool, odd jobs that seem to take forever? The MILAGRO Home Maintenance gift card is a no-brainer to give him a break and spend some more quality time with the family. Gift cards start at €50, get the professionals in to get on top of it all for 2022.


Guys love to have their 'man time' and what about treating him with a special whisky tasting at the hidden bar at Tast Club, inviting all his closest friends. We are sure he will have a memorable time! MILAGRO can put together a special package including dinner and transportation.

Is he a lover of games such as chess, backgammon or poker? Knox Design in Calvia have luxury handmade sets made with fine woods, leather and other high-end materials. Starting from €1,000 - these will look great as decorative pieces in the home as well as being great fun for the family!


With the Rib Club, you can can explore the Balearics from the water and discover the most amazing coastline. The family package gives you unlimited amount of time on their state-of-the-art rib boats, enjoyment of the boats throughout Europe and much more! At €17,000 per year for the top tier Gold membership with their largest boats (12m), that's a lot of memories to be made and a lot of adventures for him, his friends, loved ones and most importantly those sun set champagne cruises with you! Win-Win.

We hope that our Christmas Gift Guide provides you with inspiration and creativity but most importantly we wish you a healthy and successful New Year 2022. Stay close to your loved ones!


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