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Inspired by the Balearics.

A great selection of books about the wonderful island Mallorca.

Enjoy the literary journey!

SLEEP, EAT, DRINK, SHOP, EXPLORE Palma by Travelclours

An explosion of new trendy places during the last years changed the so-called ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’ considerably and makes it more beautiful today than ever. Yet, despite the modernity, the Mediterranean flair can still be felt in every corner. This Palma Guide will show you a curated selection of our favorite places to “sleep, eat, drink, shop and explore”.

Modern Mediterranean by Marc Fosh

From sun-drenched shores to cool, lush valleys, the unique climate of the Mediterranean has long been associated with delicious, simply prepared food abundant with flavour. In recent years these remarkable ingredients have been utilised by the region’s best chefs to create a cuisine that builds on the history and traditions entrenched in the areas food and reinterprets them into something new: A Modern Mediterranean cookery. In this book, Marc Fosh, the Michelin-starred chef behind Palma de Mallorca's Restaurant Marc Fosh, takes us on a tour of the bountiful produce of the Mediterranean and shows us how to harness its flavours in new and exciting ways.

Death in Deia by David Coubrough

A gripping thriller set in the world famous artist's colony in Mallorca. Deia is a small and idyllic village on the north-west coast of Mallorca, made famous by being the home of Robert Graves for much of his life, but subsequently becoming a magnet for artists, authors and film stars (and latterly a location in the BBC thriller series, The Night Manager). But in this fast moving crime novel, it also becomes the centerpiece for a series of murders connected to the embezzlement of an extraordinary £100 million fortune. When the multi-millionaire Ken Stone dies, one of his three daughters inherits this massive estate and disappears to Mallorca. Several years later, Grant Morrison, a family friend goes in search of the missing daughter: however before he can discover the truth behind how this fortune had somehow eluded other members of the family, he comes to a very violent end. The discovery of a huge and dangerous web of deceit enveloping the whole family, follows Grant's death, and his death is not the last...

Mar i Muntanya by Antonia and Alex Feig

After being awarded the German Design Prize in 2015 and 2018, Feigfotodesign and Frischmann publishing house presents an extraordinary book that brings together the photographs of Antonia and Alexander Feig, two photographers who have managed to capture the pure and poetic essence of our island. Mar i Muntanya focuses on Mallorca in its pure state, far from the tourist attractions, with its impressive architecture, organic agriculture and Mallorcan characters that define it. Just as its subtitle explains, “Images, Thoughts and Recipes”, the book exposes 183 photographs captured by the Feigs in their journey through Mallorcan tradition. We find captivating images of our city, the fields, the unspoilt beaches and, among much more, the protected Sierra de Tramuntana.

A winter in Mallorca by George Sand

A Winter in Mallorca (whose original title in French is Un hiver à Majorque) is an autobiographical travel novel written by George Sand, at the time in a relationship with Frédéric Chopin. Although published in 1842, it appeared for the first time in 1841 in the Revue des deux Mondes.

In the novel, Sand relates the details of her trip and stay with Chopin on the island of Majorca, due to the illness of the pianist. Sand, Chopin, and Sand's two children stayed in the charterhouse of Valldemossa for a few months, from the end of 1838 until February 1839, during which time they hoped that Chopin's tuberculosis would improve. However, the winter was hard and his health did not improve, and so they quickly returned to Barcelona, and eventually to Marseille and then Paris.


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